❤💛💚Today’s Message, by Maxwanette A Poetess❤💛💚

☀️”Love Is Everything, Love Is Vital, Love Is Life”☀️

In life, there is ALWAYS, something going on, good, bad, and or the ugly. We have always lived in & through times, that either will make you, break you, or all of the above. No one has a “perfect” life, no matter how wonderful they are. Because we exist in an imperfect world. It is imperative to our survival & betterment as human beings, to dismantle & destroy the distractive diversionary tactics, put in place to impede our elevation in life.

People will do you wrong, do others wrong, and even wrong themselves. Those people are all…US, at one time or another. The point is to learn, do better (not try anymore, be like Nike – “JUST DO IT!”), change, become better people, and help our Brothers & Sisters through life.

Some? Will also choose to remain in their own private Hells…You cannot save them, no matter how much you love them, unless they choose to. They, just like you & I, have to make their own choices in life. You do not stay stuck with them. Love them, but leave them to their choices, or you will drown with them. YOU MUST KEEP MOVING! Because your progression, strength, & love, will help so many others. And life is so gloriously unpredictable, that you may not be able to save your loved ones personally, but another just might, if we change for the better and spread it like wildfire!

WE CAN CHANGE THE UNIVERSE!!! One-by-One, if we start within Self, “Be, and Be The Change You Want To See In The World.”

🌹🌍✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”✍🏾🌍🌹

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

❤”The World Is A Mess, So How Do We Fix It?”❤

LOVE…Yes, it is just that simple. No one needs a special talent to do this, be this, share this. “WE ARE OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS KEEPERS, & THE GUARDIANS OF LIFE!”

Each and everyone of us, are supposed to lovingly care about ourselves & others. How can we expect, demand, and protest for a better government & ways of life, when we fail so miserably & so often, on doing the fundamentals? You do not have to be rich, and you may have little, or none, but support one another,  share, lift your fellow human beings up.

We all see people suffering, some of us grew-up in sufferation, and WE ALL ARE SUFFERING RIGHT NOW. Humanity’s morals & conscience is on deck. How are we reflecting?

How Do We Start Change? That family or person that you know is suffering, we see them all over. Give them some food, buy a meal, offer clothing. Winter is coming – why wait until the holidays? Anonymously drop off a care package, heck – get a few people in your own building, on your block or road, to each donate 1 item for a family in need and give it to them, pay for that kid or adult to take the bus/train, buy an extra item or two for the person behind you in line, hold a door, share a smile, say hello, wish someone a beautiful day, help those parents that fight all the time with screaming children – you drop things off anonymously, with a positive note for ALL. No judgment, simply say, you notice the struggle & they are not alone. If you can afford to be like a “Secret” helper? Do it! No one will turn away food, clothing, school supplies, toiletries…Just do it. No one needs to see you or know that you did it. See someone freezing? Give them a coat or a pair of gloves, no shoes – provide it. “BE”, what is needed.

Do you know how many people reading this, right now, have no food to eat or not sure what tomorrow may or may not bring? We Can & We Must change this.

The point is, the time of division, hate, and selfishness is coming to an end. If we LOVE one another, care about each other, show some compassion. The world we create, will bless our existence and all that follow.

🌹✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”✍🏾🌹

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

🍁✍🏾I Had To Share This Post. I Felt It Needed To Be Read & Remembered✍🏾🍁…

Did You Feel It? Are You Feeling It??? That Universal Shift, lol!!!😅😍😅


🌹✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”✍🏾🌹

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

🌹✍🏾S.I.P. Queen~Mother Maya Angelou✍🏾🌹

My Mother was my introduction to poetry. But as a child, when I heard Queen~Mother Maya Angelou? I knew then, that poetry was my world. Respect, Honor & Love (((BOWING GRACEFULLY)))…

Maya Angelou
Born: April 4th, 1928
Transcended: May 28th, 2014


☯️🧘🏿‍♀️Relaxation & Meditation🧘🏿‍♀️☯️

“I love the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls. There’s something about it, that renders me calm and relaxed INSTANTLY. It’s a deep experience for me. I can feel myself, traveling within myself & blossoming like a rose petal. Very, very soothing.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess


3 Hours Long – Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation|Chakra Healing | Third-Eye |Brow Chakra (YouTube)

🥀🙏🏾Dealing With Loss & Grief🙏🏾🥀

“Be Careful – Many say the way I view things, is simply downright crazy. When my Mommy was dying in hospice (2008), everyday I’d call out to her, “Ms. Williams! Yuh dead yet?” She’d laugh & say, “No mon, mi still here!”

Now for some? This may have seemed rather sick and crazed. But for Mommy & I? It was fitting. She knew I was having a hard time dealing with her dying. This was our way of preparing me & helping me to get through it. She didn’t want me to fall apart after she transcended, because we both knew I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it.When the day came & I called out to her and received no response? I couldn’t even finish the question. The pain hit me so deeply, hard, & quick as I felt her death and her life energy pulling from within me. I felt a barrenness within a certain section of my being and couldn’tquite catch my breath. I shivered, kissed her forehead and tears fell on her hardened chest. Mommy was gone…


If there’s one thing everyone in Humanity has in common, is the transcending/loss/death of someone we love or care about, pets included. We all know what grief is.

There aren’t any beautiful words to take away that ache or the longing that one feels. However, I can tell you what works for me. Like many, I’ve lost quite a few people throughout my life. How they transcended isn’t quite relevant – for I accepted that as well, by normal causes or not. We all will die in this existence & normally we have no say so as to how, when or where. That’s the biggest fear for many to accept, but as they say “It is what it is.”

Me? I talk to those that have left their earthly bodies. Yep, that’s what I said. I sit and have healthy conversations outloud with my loved ones & Ancestors, especially my Mommy. I laugh & cry, as I remember and reminisce over the memories and the bonds shared. I reassure them & myself that they won’t be forgotten. I even jokingly tell them to behave until I get there (where they are – energies don’t die like that & they often hang around). Many of us feel their presence, see signs, get visited in our dreams or even smell their favorite perfume/cologne.

But I cherish the existence they left behind & embrace their existence around me. Some say leave the dead where they are. I say don’t run from it nor fear it. Now I’m not saying to start inviting them to dinner, digging up graveyards, or casting spells😉…No really, don’t do it😐

I’m saying it’s okay to miss our loved ones. Don’t be afraid to be sad by their absence as we’re used to seeing them in this existence. However, remember the joy they brought to our lives, the good times, the laughs, jokes, special moments shared, wisdom, lessons learned, their faults, their quirks, talk about & to them and simply say…Thank You. ~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛😉

🥀🙏🏾I felt a vibe that someone is silently dealing with grief. So this article applies to whomever is in need of it🙏🏾🥀

“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

🌹🪔The Positive Message Of Kwanzaa🪔🌹

“Personally? I think these 7 Principles should simply be a way of life, not just for 7 days. Try to live them daily.”~Maxwanette A Poetess

*The History of Kwanzaa

“We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”

“Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚


🍃👣The Earthing Movie – A Must See 👣🍃

Exciting news Earthing friends! This is the moment you’ve all been waiting patiently for. We are overjoyed to invite you to the Global Online Premiere on November 19th, 2019 of our award-winning documentary “The Earthing Movie.”

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If you’ve been following us already, you know that this groundbreaking film reveals that the answer to our biggest health crisis may be literally right under our feet. It’s called “grounding” or “earthing” and it means directly connecting one’s body to the Earth to restore the electromagnetic balance needed to maintain optimal health. And the science backs it up. Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have shown that Grounding (Earthing) improves many internal processes, including the reduction of inflammation…one of the most damaging internal biological processes that leads to chronic pain and disease.

This film was made so you can learn, ground, heal, and share with everyone in your life. That spirit of giving is why we have decided to release the film independently – STREAMING FOR FREE, WITHOUT ADS – on YouTube and Vimeo. That way, we can reach the most people in the most direct way possible.

“The Earthing Movie” is directed by Sundance award-winning, Oscar-shortlisted filmmakers Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell (“Fuel”, “The Big Fix”, “Pump”, “Good Fortune”), and was an official selection at Sedona International Film Festival and the winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at Dances With Films.

Featuring author and wellness expert Deepak Chopra, M.D, actress/activist Amy Smart, actress/author Mariel Hemingway-Official Fan Pageg, Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, renowned healer Dr. Joseph Mercola, Earthing pioneer Clint Ober (founder of earthing.com), and many other exclusive interviews with scientists, physicists, medical doctors and well-known grounding advocates who explain both the science behind it and their often life-changing personal experiences.

On November 19th, we are celebrating YOU: our supporters, our fellow earthing and grounding family, and everyone who helped build this movement.

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Thank you for your support! We are so excited to share the film with you all.
– Earthing Movie Team

📚✍🏾Today’s Novelist, Paule Marshall✍🏾📚

🥀P.L.O.T.S. – Condolences🥀




✨✍🏾Today’s Poet/Novelist/Professor/Pulitzer & Noble Prize Winner; “Chloe Anthony Wofford” – aka Toni Morrison – Transcend In Love & Respect✍🏾✨






📚✍🏾Today’s Poet, Beah Richards (Beaula/Beulah Richardson)✍🏾📚






Read by Beaula Richardson at the Women’s Workshop at the American People’s Peace Congress held in Chicago on June 29, 30 and July 1, 1951 bringing a standing ovation from all 500 women attending.

It is right that I a woman


should speak of white womanhood.

my fathers

my brothers

my husbands

my sons

die for it: because of it.

and their blood

chilled in electric chairs,

stopped by hangman’s noose,

cooked by lynch mobs’ fire,

spilled by white supremacist mad desire to kill

give me that right

I would that I could speak of white womanhood

as it will and should be

when it stands tall in full equality.

but then, womanhood will be womanhood.

Void of color and of class,

And all necessity for my speaking thus will be past.

Gladly past.

But now, since ‘tis deemed a thing apart


I must in searching honesty report

How it seems to me.

White womanhood stands in bloodied skirt

and willing slavery

reaching out adulterous hand

killing mine and crushing me.

What then is the superior thing

That in order to be sustained must needs feed upon my flesh?

Let’s look to history.

They said, the white supremacist said

that you were better than me,

that your fair brow would never know the sweat of slavery.

They lied

White womanhood to is enslaved,

The difference is degree.

They brought me here in chains.

They brought you here willing slaves to man.

You, shiploads of women each filled with hope

That she might win with ruby lip and saucy curl

And bright and flashing eyes

Him to wife who had the largest tender.


And they sold you here even as they sold me.

My sisters, there is no room for mockery.

If they counted my teeth

They did appraise your thigh

And sold you to the highest bidder

The same as I.

And you did not fight for your right to choose

Whom you would wed

But for whatever bartered price

That was the legal tender

You were sold to a stranger’s bed

In a stranger land


And you did not fight.

Mind you, I speak not mockingly

But I fought for freedom,

I’m fighting now for our unity.

We are women all.

And what wrongs you murders me

And eventually marks your grave

So we share a mutual death at the hand of tyranny.

They trapped me with the chain and gun.

They trapped you with lying tongue.

For, ‘less you see that fault–

That male villainy

That robbed you of name, voice and authority,

That murderous greed that wasted you and me,

He, the white supremacist, fixed your minds with poisonous thought:

“white skin is supreme.”

And there with bought that monstrous change

exiling you to things.

Changed all that nature had in you wrought of gentle usefulness, abolishing your spring.

Tore out your heart,

set your good apart from all that you could say,



know to be right.

And you did not fight,

but set your minds fast on my slavery

the better to endure your own.

‘Tis true

my pearls were beads of sweat

wrung from weary bodies’ pain,

instead of rings upon my hands

I wore swollen, bursting veins.

My ornaments were the wipe-lash’s scar

my diamond, perhaps, a tear.

Instead of paint and powder on my face

I wore a solid mask of fear to see my blood so spilled.

And you, women seeing

spoke no protest

but cuddled down in your pink slavery

and thought somehow my wasted blood

confirmed your superiority.

Because your necklace was of gold

you did not notice that it throttled speech.

Because diamond rings bedecked your hands

you did not regret their dictated idleness.

Nor could you see that the platinum bracelets which graced your wrists were chains

binding you fast to economic slavery

And though you claimed your husband’s name

still could not command his fidelity.

You bore him sons.

I bore him sons.

No, not willingly.

He purchase you.

He raped me,

I fought!

But you fought neither for yourselves nor me.

Sat trapped in your superiority

and spoke no reproach.

Consoled your outrage with an added diamond brooch.

Oh, God, how great is a woman’s fear

who for a stone, a cold, cold stone

would not defend honor, love or dignity!

Your bore the damning mockery of your marriage

and heaped your hate on me,

a woman too,

a slave more so.

And when your husband disowned his seed

that was my son

and sold him apart from me

you felt avenged.


I was not your enemy in this,

I was not the source of your distress.

I was your friend, I fought.

But you would not help me fight

thinking you helped only me.

Your deceived eyes seeing only my slavery

aided your own decay.

Yes, they condemned me to death

and they condemned you to decay.

Your heart whisked away,

consumed in hate,

used up in idleness

playing yet the lady’s part

estranged to vanity.

It is justice to you to say your fear equaled your tyranny.

You were afraid to nurse your young

lest fallen breast offend your master’s sight

and he should flee to firmer loveliness.

And so you passed them, your children, on to me.

Flesh that was your flesh and blood that was your blood

drank the sustenance of life from me.

And as I gave suckle I knew I nursed my own child’s enemy.

I could have lied,

told you your child was fed till it was dead of hunger.

But I could not find the heart to kill orphaned innocence.

For as it fed, it smiled and burped and gurgled with content

and as for color knew no difference.

Yes, in that first while

I kept your sons and daughters alive.

But when they grew strong in blood and bone

that was of my milk


taught them to hate me.

PUt your decay in their hearts and upon their lips

so that strength that was of myself

turned and spat upon me,

despoiled my daughters, and killed my sons.

You know I speak true.

Though this is not true for all of you

When I bestirred myself for freedom

and brave Harriet led the way

some of you found heart and played a part

in aiding my escape.

And when I made my big push for freedom

your sons fought at my sons’ side.

Your husbands and brothers too fell in that battle

when Crispus Attucks died.

It’s unfortunate that you acted not in the way of justice

but to preserve the Union

and for dear sweet pity’s sake;

Else how came it to be with me as it is today?

You abhorred slavery

yet loathed equality.

I would that the poor among you could have seen

through the scheme

and joined hands with me.

Then, we being the majority, could long ago have recued

our wasted lives.

But no.

The rich, becoming richer, could be content

while yet the poor had only the pretense of superiority

and sought through murderous brutality

to convince themselves that what was false was true.

So with KKK and fiery cross

and bloodied appetites

set about to prove that “white is right”

forgetting their poverty.

Thus the white supremacist used your skins

to perpetuate slavery.

And woe to me.

Woe to Willie McGee.

Woe to the seven men of Martinsville.

And woe to you.

It was no mistake that your naked body on an Esquire calendar

announced the date, May Eighth.

This is your fate if you do not wake to fight.

They will use your naked bodies to sell their wares

though it be hate, Coca Cola or rape.

When a white mother disdained to teach her children

this doctrine of hate,

but taught them instead of peace

and respect for all men’s dignity

the courts of law did legislate

that they be taken from her

and sent to another state.

To make a Troy Hawkins of the little girl

and a killer of the little boy!

No, it was not for the womanhood of this mother

that Willie McBee died

but for the depraved, enslaved, adulterous woman

whose lustful demands denied,

lied and killed what she could not possess.

Only three months before another such woman lied

and seven black men shuddered and gave up their lives.

These women were upheld in these bloody deeds

by the president of this nation,

thus putting the official seal on the fate

of white womanhood with in these United States.

This is what they plan for you.

This is the depravity they would reduce you to.

Death for me

and worse than death for you.

What will you do?

Will you fight with me?

White supremacy is your enemy and mine.

So be careful when you talk with me.

Remind me not of my slavery, I know it will

but rather tell me of your own.

Remember, you have never known me.

You’ve been busy seeing me

as white supremacist would have me be,

and I will be myself.


My aim is full equality.

I would usurp their plan!



and plenty

for every man, woman and child

who walks the earth.

This is my fight!

If you will fight with me then take my hand

and the hand of Rosa Ingram, and Rosalee McGee,

and as we set about our plan

let our Wholehearted fight be:


Thanks to @llapen who tweeted about the film – as Beah Richards said – “The last word has not been spoken”.

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🇯🇲💥✍🏾Jamaica Poetry Festival 2017: Featured Dub Poet, Christena Williams – aka. Antonia Valaire ✍🏾💥🇯🇲

“Who Is Christena Williams/Antonia Valaire?

Amazon, Pearls Among Stones,


Amazon, Black Gold,


Amazon, Out from Babylon System: Liberation Mind,




🇯🇲✍🏾Famous Jamaican Dub Poet, Yasus Afari✍🏾🇯🇲

“We at P.L.O.T.S. (Poetry, Language Of the Soul), are honored to share this piece by one of Jamaica’s most popular Dub Poets, Brother~King Yasus Afari. He’s a consistent & supportive member of ours. He shared this piece on our Facebook page. It was a must share on our Blog. “Read di words & Feel di riddim!” Respect, Continued Blessings & Guidance to Brother~King Yasus & his Sister~Queen.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

“Namastè & One Love“❤️💛💚

Friends of Mother Earth / The Earth is Our Friend

The earth is the garden of creation

Purposefully clothed, with lush, green vegetation.


Firm enough to prevent critical soil erosion,

All elements working in union,

for natural joy and satisfaction.

The earth is our friend, we are the children of the earth.

The cyclic function of the earth’s ecology is no mystery,

Like the organs of the human body,

Each working in perfect harmony,

In this our environmental community,

of which the guardians and keepers

are the children of humanity.

The earth is our friend, we are the children of the earth.

The rivers, like blood streams flowing into the oceans,

Returning secretly to the fleshy bowels of earth’s creation,

Evaporating to the atmospheric breath of life,

Sun, moon and stars,

Solid, liquid and gas,

Land, sea and air,

Flesh, blood and spirit.

The earth is our friend, we are the children of the earth.

Like the lungs of man,

The trees breathe to keep the earth alive.

Yeah! The Sun, like a devoted Father

Working from sunrise until sunset

And the Moon, like a loving Mother,

Working from dusk until dawn,

Shining within the sweet embrace, of her children, the stars

The earth is our friend, we are the children of the earth.

If we protect the earth,

Then, the earth will protect us,

Clothe, feed and shelter us.

The earth is the garden of creation.

If we keep the earth alive,

Then we will stay alive,

The earth will keep us alive.

The earth is our mother and our friend!

We are the children and the friends of the earth, of the earth, of Mother Earth


Copyright © Yasus Afari