Late Night (after Li Po)

The moon smiles upon my bed. I consider frost and ice, and raising my head, the bright sky. Lying back, I think of home.   Once again, I’ve attempted to shiver myself into a timeless piece. I can only hope that my version does not offend.   The transliteration from follows: Bed before […]

Late Night (after Li Po)

*”Absolutely Lovely!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

Spotlight Poetry – A Collection of Poems by Kritika Maheshwari – Valorous Bird – Published by Susi Bocks – The Short of It – I Write Her

Originally posted on I Write Her: Bankim Desai – Unsplash End Might look loose but it’s the end Period. Appreciate appreciate, don’t suffocate for love without complaints has a palatable taste; no haste impatience will leave stains time’s teachings are no waste Caterpillar smoothly tearing the soft layer of balmy cocoon the once crawling being…

Spotlight Poetry – A Collection of Poems by Kritika Maheshwari – Valorous Bird – Published by Susi Bocks – The Short of It – I Write Her

*Beautiful expressions! {Maxwanette A Poetess}

My Death By Stephen Amo

My Death •••••••••••••• in vacuum i sit making enquiry and probes into how this might end the last pages of the book of life i know will certainly not end on a comedy for millenniums it do end on a tragedy this i know so fast it will spread through bushes landing on every ear […]

My Death By Stephen Amo

*Saddening piece, yet beautiful. {Maxwanette A Poetess}

🌹✒Being Shipped-Out Today! Destination: Zambia✒🌹

“I am blessed to have a wonderful sister, Denise. As I am still immobile, the work still continues. She’ll be shipping these 7 copies to Ndungu Mojah today. From America to Zambia. I look forward to their arrival. Great job Son – We did it!!!” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

Poet & Author: Ndungu Mojah Chitebe aka Ndungu Mojah

Published By: Cyber Clerical Associates, LLC (USA)
{Owner & President: Maxine A Moncrieffe}



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Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah, Bangladesh

Pen-name SHIKDAR MOHAMMED KIBRIAH, originally named SHIKDAR GULAM KIBRIA according to the national ID, born on 1st July, 1968, in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Masters in philosophy, globally published, recognized, acclaimed, awarded, translated and featured world poet, essayist, story writer, critic, translator, ambassador and philosopher. He is a bilingual poet and writer writing in Bangla and English. Shikdar is a global poetry promoter and literary figure. He is the founder and president of Poetry and Literature World Vision. His published books are so far 17. Eight on poetry, six on prose and three on story. Recently Prodigy Published, USA has published his philosophic poetry collection Bradly’s Brother and A Banyan Man. He has over 100 articles on philosophy and literature and 400 poems in Bengali and English. He is been featured Global poet and participated in world poetry conferences, International poetry festivals and literary conclaves. He is an ambassador of world peace, love and humanity appointed by different literary, cultural and poetic forums active globally.
His writings are often published in world famous, print and electronic magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, blogs and anthologies like Revista Poetica AZAHAR, Spain, Atunis Galaxy, Belgium-Albania, Taifas Literary Magazine, Italy, Poetryzine Magazine, Greece-Serbia, Bharat Vision of Motivational strips, Denmark, Dash Web Magazine UK, Pol Magazine, UK, The Space, UK. The Poet Magazine, UK, Polis Magazine, Greece, Growth, South Macedonia, Online Journal Fairy Elf, Ukrain, Willwash. wordpress blogazine, Nigeria, Fm786 News Portal, USA, BD Techno Solution, Bangladesh, Literoma Culture Flash, India, Poets Unlimited, South Africa, The Moment International News, Egypt, Kenya Times, Kenya, Al-Arabi, Egypt, Agarid, Lebanon, The Asian, Egypt, Shabdakunja, Bangladesh, Cosmic poetry, India, Chinese Literature, Sahu News, Today’s Headlines, YidianZixun, Shanxii science and technology, China, Ghorsawar, India, Hellobangladesh, Spain,, Greece etc.. His poems have been published in world class Anthologies like AZAHAR Revista Poetica, Spain, Let Us Breathe (Chapbook), USA, World Poets Serbia Anthology/2021(350 poets of the world), Compassion (100 poets of the world in one theme), Bosnia-USA, Womanhood, India, Friends and Friendship, UK, Pol Prose Poetry, UK, The Space, UK. Hera: The Light of Woman, Portugal, Healing Through Poetry, Canada, Mother: an eternal soul, India, Over The Rainbow, Greece-Serbia, Beauty of Life, India, Break The Silence-AMAZON bestseller Anthology, Trinidad and Tobago, Palestine and against war, Bangladesh, Atunis Galaxy Anthology-2022, Belgium-Albania, Candles of Hope, an encyclopedia of thousand of poets of the world, Tunisia, Ancient Egyptian modern poets, Egypt, Arabian Nights, Egypt, Cosmic Poetry, India, World Poetic Circle, China, Adversity vol. 1, 2, UK., Poetic Voices of the world, vol. 2, Mexico, Whispers of Soflay, Argentina, International Writer’s e-book MODERN WRITERS, Uzbekistan,  Flowers of  Love, Lebanon-Brazil, UHE Portugal New Year Festival Anthology, Portugal, English Poets Bangladesh and Bengali English Poets two national anthologies, Prodigy Published from USA and Video Anthology “Living Anthology of the World’s Writers” presenting on the YouTube LIFT Channel, Rucksack a global poetry patchwork, 2021, Voicing Diversity, Germany etc.. He is interviewed on 21st Century Critical Thought: A post modern Voice Volume-3, India, in Writers Mirror, Assam, India on poetry and Bangladesh Television. He participated in WORLD POETRY CONFERENCE-3 in India,  KRITYA INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL, India, GLOBAL LITERATURE CONCLAVE-2021, India, WORLD POET MEET, Turkey-Russia, Global Festival of Poetry, Italy, Peru Poetry Festival, Peru, SIlk ROAD INTERNATIONAL POETRY FESTIVAL, China, Global Creativity Festival Thousand Minds for Mexico, Mexico, International Poetry Festival UHE, Portugal, Paper Fiber Fest China, Peru, Greece, Mexico, Congress of Poets 2022, Romania etc.. He is often published and his poems are recited in different YOUTUBE channels, World Radios, BTV, Radio Bangladesh Sylhet, Cabina 11 Cadena Global TV, Mexico etc.. Besides English and Bangla his poems have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Croatian, Tajik, Arabian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hindi, Assamese, Indonesian, Polish, Marathi, Dutch, African Setswana, Bosnian, Vietnamese, Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Urdu, Kirghyz, Uzbek, Odia, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and Irani Persian languages. Two of his poems have been included with Bengali and English version in a Russian poetry book by great poet Raisa Melnikova.
Shikdar is a translator. He translated the poems of great poets Zlatan Demirovic, Bosnia-USA, Lee Mitterer, USA, Annette Tarpley, USA, Raisa Melnikova, Lithuania, Hana Shishiny, Lebanon-Egypt. Marlene Pasini, Mexico, Ljubica Katice, Croatia, Ewelina Maria Bugaska, Denmark, Ewith Bahar, Indonesia, Jyotirmaya Thakur, India-UK, Marian Dziwisz, Poland, Musakun Asangulovch Satybaldiev, Kyrgyzstan, Daniela Andonvska-Trazkovska, North Mecedonia, Ibrahim Honjo, Bosnia-Canada. Alexy Kalakutin, Russia, Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj, Albania-France, Ezhil Vendan, India, Mutiu Olawuyi, Nigeria, Naba Kumar Poddar, India, Poetess Bhutan, Bhutan, Faisal Ayub, Bangladesh-France and so on.
For his brilliant contribution in world poetry and literature he is awarded and Certificated  by Poetryzine Magazine, Greece-Serbia, Literary Creations, Philippines, Skylark Poetry Society, Bangladesh, Global Excellence Certificate and Shield of Poetry and Culture by International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity, Syria. From CASA POETICA MAGIA Y PLUMS, Colombia he achieved Recognition Certificate ARPA DE ORO 2020, International Honor Diploma, Literary Laurel Award, UNIVERSAL GOLD STAR 2020 , International Golden Award 2020, Universal Excellence Diploma, Poetic Excellence Diploma and Universal Art and Literature Award 2021. From FLLADI POETIK, Albania he achieved Certificate of Gratitude, Certificate of Excellence and a Diploma. From Sahittyapata, Bangladesh he received Certificate of Recognition. He received Christmas Global poetic Fleeting Certificate of Appreciation 2020 from The Poetry Readers Awards. He received Certificate of Contribution from Online Journal Fairy Elf. The Writer’s Day Certificate of Merit from International Forum for Creativity and Humanity, Morocco, Certificate of poetry presentation from World Poetry Conference-3, India, Honorary award from How to write for success literary network and  certificate of commitment from Stay Home world health organization, Certificate of Recognitions for reader day remembering Argentine poet Jorge Luise Barges and International Peace Day. He is a member of The Working Group of International Writers “Together for the letters”, Argentina, International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity, Syria, The most influential personalities award from The Moment International News, Egypt, WORLD ARAB COUNTRY AWARD FOR CREATIVE LEADERSHIP IN THE FIELD OF GLOBAL POETRY from Arab World Media Foundation, UK. High Honor Certificate from World Spiritual Love & Peace Humanity Literary Foundation, Bangladesh, Mashreq Cultural Forum, Jordan, Recognition from Big Dreams Fest, Mexico etc..He is an ambassador of World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights. Romania.
His poems were selected and certified Best poem of the Day in International The Poet Magazine website, UK, World of Poets and Author, India, Global poet and poetry, Best poems of the Week in Skylark Poetry Society, Bangladesh and top ten in Literary Creations, Philippines and in contest by Contemporary Literary Society of Amlor: BANDA(UP-India). He is featured in Skylark Poetry, NBM Bangla Tv, Shahitypata, Daily Asia Bani. Daily Rupchhaya and as a global poet in Global Poet and Poetry, UK. etc. As a poetry promoter and global poetic personality Shikdar is connected almost all renowned poets of the world. He featured 200+ world contemporary poets so far in his online group Poetry and Literature World Vision and it is going on. He is the member of over 500 literary and poetic online groups around the world.

Facebook ID and link: Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

[Zlatan Demirovic, Prodigy Published, USA]



A year ago today, I lost my best friend, William “Tyrone” Murphy. Family called him Ty, I called him Ty-Ty.
This man had my back ALWAYS. He was my best cheering section, and always encouraged me in my endeavors. When I needed financial backing to start my business, he was there. Even when I wasn’t making money, and even family laughed at me, telling me I wasted my Stimulus money, Tyrone had faith in me & was always a voice of positivity & encouragement. He was the first person to encourage me to write my first book of Poetry. He loved me dearly and treasured his family. I will never forget him. Rest In Love Tyrone, til we meet again Shawtay (his nickname for me).

*Special thanks to Denise Murray (Tyrone’s Sister)for providing pictures. Tyrone always said how much he loved you ever so much, even when he did silly things. We often laughed, how our sister’s had the same name. Love you Ressie🌹❤🌹



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Have you ever had obstacles in your way? Lol! Of course, who hasn’t? So, I had a pipe burst, that took 2 weeks to fix. Of course the fixing came, the 2nd day, after I hurt my knee & couldn’t walk for 2 days. So Thursday I was immobile, and Friday, I had construction going on in my home – in my bedroom closet, and this weekend, my Sister has been caring for me, like a newborn babe – I LOVE YOU DENISE!!! Did I mention the physical pain I’m in? I’ll be missing my Niece’s graduation tomorrow, because I can’t physically be there, but thank goodness for live feed 😍. Lol! Maxwanette how can you laugh? Lol!!! How can’t I? Crying, screaming, and yelling will only make things worse.

I’m limping, and at times, the pain can be excruciating. I can’t bend my knee, and I’ll be in the doctor’s office soon enough for an X-ray or MRI, this week. How, I’m  going to get in a vehicle? Lol, a whole other story. I may need an ambulance. So, I’m working from my bed (I blocked the book I’m working on publishing this month – It’s a surprise, lol!) Am I some kind of super human? Lol!!! Nope! Simply focused on my purpose.

I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. My reason for sharing this? See, life happens and things occur, preventable or not. You can do everything right, and the rug gets pulled out from under you. You can be in a situation,  not of your own making. You may even feel trapped. Pain, losses, unexpected events…My point? The negative outcomes are what they are. But you have the power to still find positivity. DON’T GIVE-UP OR GIVE-IN. You dig deep within, remain focused, and stay on your path. Heck my loves…YOU GET CREATIVE!😉

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And as I always say…

🌹🌍”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”🌏🌹

“Namastè & One Love”☀️❤💛💚☀️


Poet: Kathy Figueroa

Poet: Vasanth Kumar V P


You are my loving mother
And the mistress of simplicity
You are the treasure of love
You are dreaming
Beyond my imagination
I want your love
If I born at the next birth
I’ll be your son again
You are the achiever
Who carried and brought me up
You work both day and night
Without expecting any Rewards
I always pray that the God
Showers his grace for you
And keep you with good health and wealth
Pardon me o mother
If I have made a mistake
You are the only one
Who forgotten your boredom
And comforted me when I was anguish
And found happiness in my smile
You are my source of inspiration
And source of every victory
Words are not enough to describe
And this birth is not enough
To pay off your debt
I’ll born again, I’ll born again.


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