🌹✍🏾Best Pitch Forward✍🏾🌹

Apply below:

Kingston Creative, in partnership with JAMPRO, is hosting a Creative Entrepreneur Meetup called Best Pitch Forward. On November 27 at 5 pm, ten creative entrepreneurs are going to be able to pitch for a pool of funds to kick start their creative projects!

Recently, we hosted two workshops entitled ‘Making Your Creative Project Investment Ready’, and ‘How to Make a Winning Pitch’, both led by Dmitri Dawkins CEO of Graft Ventures. Now, creative entrepreneurs who have projects in music, film, animation, software and gaming or any screen-based field, can apply to pitch.
Best Pitch Forward is an exciting opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to share their creative ventures with a panel of three investors. From the applications, ten creatives will be chosen to vie for the chance to win an investment in their creative projects. The judges will choose the winner and there will be a People’s Choice award too.

But that’s not all – twenty applicants will also be selected to attend private B2B meetings with a group of wider investors in the first week of December. These private investor match-making sessions are intended to gain additional investment into these 20 projects and move these creative business to the next level.
So… opportunity is knocking.. get ready and put your Best Pitch Forward!

*Thanks For Sharing Antonia Valaire

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