(old Jamaican saying)

Food Page – Plantains-N-Peas⤵️
With Maxwanette A Poetess & Denise Bryan



As a young child, I recall being told by elder Rastafarians, that “Food is the staff of life.” As we all know, we need food to survive and it’s something we all need regularly. In Jamaican culture, food is a major part of life, as it is vital to survival & sustenance. In some cultures (including Jamaican), not being able to cook is a HUGE disgrace. In my childhood home, boys & girls learned to cook as soon as they could reach the stove or knew how to handle a knife.

Dish: Sautéed Vegetables

FOOD…Is also used in bringing people together, offering comfort, showing love, delivery of news/information – ever wonder why at work, they offer food or snacks while having meetings or gatherings? – It mellows one down and makes one more susceptible to what’s being shared. We also cannot forget that we fill our stomachs – to sustain life. During childhood & still, till this day, food is a central part of gatherings (work, education, earthstrongs/birthdays, celebratory occasions & funerals). Good food is simply that – a delectable slice of heaven in your mouth, that nourishes your mind, body & Soul. As well as poorly, cooked food can ruin everything!


This page was created to showcase, you guessed it, FOOD! So we will share personal dishes. We try to keep it as healthy as possible😋


Pictures Here May Cause You To Drool, Lick The Screen, & Rub Your Belly!!!!😋😋😋


Dish: Chicken Pasta
🐟Dish: Steamed Red Snapper w/Okra🐟
🫑Beautiful Sweet Red Peppers🫑
🌮Dish: Burrito Baby🌮
🐟Food: Fresh Red Snapper🐟
🌶Dish: Veggie Mix🌶
💧Best Water Ever!💧
🦐Seafood Delights!🦞 Shrimps, Lobster, & Crab🦀
🥑Avocado Special“🥑
🍴Fish Fillet Gone Wild🍴
🥣Sea Moss Prep🥣
Great In Porridge, Soups, Salad Dressing, & Smoothies
Seamoss Is Ready!!!
Stay Tuned – There’s More To Come!🍉🫑🌶🍇🦐🥭😛


Homemade Tastes Best
Grilled Salmon Fillet Over Salad
Homemade Pizza
🔥Mucho Caliente!🔥
Chicken Soup (Denise)
Nature’s Candy
Corn Blueshell Taco’s, w/Pulled Chicken
Fruity Delight
Sorrel On The Glass
Prickly Perfections
Herbal Teas
Fried Chicken-Back
“Avocado, Mi Love Mi Avocado”
Steamed Vegetable Mix
Lettuce Feed You
Fresh & Soft Croissants
Apple Pie
“Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot!!!”
BBQ Chicken
Ravishing Radishess
Sweet Red Peppers & Onions
Vegetable Mix Brussel Sprouts, Cho-Cho, Cauliflower, Carrots, & Zucchini
Pineapples, Kiwi’s, Prunes & Cranberries
The Original Herbs of Life
Rotisserie Chicken
Homemade Pizza – Pepperoni & Sausage (Denise)
Veggie Pot
Homemade Jam; Raspberry, Strawberry, Applesauce, & Mango-Peach Chutney
Seafood Salad
Sushi @Krogers (Dallas, Georgia)
Salad Sandwich w/Cold Smoked Salmon
Fresh Salmon (Helsinki, Finland)
Seasoned Salmon Heads
WASA Crackers, w/Guacamole, Seasoning, Gouda, Onions, Cold Smoked Salmon, Tomatoes, Ranch Dressing, & Boiled Eggs.
Veggie Noodle Mix
Salmon (wild in can), Cheddar Cheese, tomatoes, Guacamole, Ranch Dressing, WASA Crackers, Lettuce, and Seasoning; minced onion, garlic, scallion.
Steam Cabbage, Carrots, Whites Beans, Vegetable Mix
Homemade Applesauce
Steam Cabbage, Carrots, & Mixed Vegetables
Shopping Well
Peach & Mango Chutney
Mashed Potatoes (Denise)
Glad 4 Salad (Denise)
Salad Anyone?
Dining In Helsinki, Finland (2017)
Fried Fish
Baileys Bristol Cream Cups
Magick Root! – Ginger
Best Water Ever!
Top Left: WASA Crackers, w/Salmon, Spinach, & Guacamole –  Silver Bowl Top Right: Spinach & Red Lettuce Salad, Center: Sweet Potatoes, Black Rice,  Steamed Cabbage, – Spring Water
Spinach & Red Salad
Beef Soup
Moomin Cup – Featuring: Little My
Lentils, Sweet Potatoes, Zucchini (plate) & Salad
“It’s Tea-Time!!!”
Pretty Steaming Vegetable Mix
Dine Well
Steamed, Stuffed

Red Snapper & Vegetables
Steamed Veggies; Purple & Green Cabbages, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Green Peas, & Carrots
Well Contained – Steamed, Stuffed Red Snapper w/Rice & PeasLaid On: Steamed Veggies; Purple & Green Cabbages, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Green Peas, &  Carrots
“Oh Mother Hubbard, what’s in your cupboards?”
Hard Smoked Salmon (Helsinki, Finland 2017)
Healthy Choices
Ackee & Saltfish – Jamaica’s National Dish
Jamaica’s NationalDish,
w/Fried Dumplin’ & Plantains
Saltfish Fritters (Denise)
Carrot Cake
Homemade Sorrel (Boiled Hibiscus)
Bottled Sorrel
Boiled Eggs, Whole Wheat English Muffin, Gucomole, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, Garlic, Scallion, and Tomatoes.


Steam Veggie Mix
Time To Eat!
🤔Hmmm…Is there fish somewhere?😋
Salad, Sweet Potatoe, Steamed/Veggie Mix, & Mint Tea
Steam Veggie Prep
Immune System Build-Up
💪🏾💪Packin’ A Punch!!!💪🏾💪